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In 2018, zhixin was established to meet the needs of market expansion, locate the famous brand of light luxury packaging in China, create a new service experience, and provide integrated services of packaging design, printing and production for customers based on their personalized packaging needs.

In 2010, we set up our own packaging design department to provide customers with integrated services, and bought a variety of automatic equipment, automatic spray production lines, etc.

In 2009, zhixin packaging was established. In the same year, we cooperated with Evergrande, mousse and other big enterprises to produce paper and leather products for their companies.

In 2006, our company began to transform into doing business with direct end customers. We positioned ourselves as a professional packaging box factory and purchased carton production line and leather box production equipment.

In 2003, we started to make packaging products. At that time, we mainly received some processing orders from Japan, Taiwan and other big factories.