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What matters need to pay attention to to maintain leather packing box?
Last updated:2018-11-06 16:30:14     Clicks:2596

What matters need to pay attention to to maintain leather packing box?The following dongguan packaging design editor to talk about for you;

One, need to use wet towel to wring out moisture to wipe the surface gently every week, the besmirch above leather cover is cleared clean, use wet sponge to be dipped in the detergent of lukewarm sex next, wait until natural dry.If a drink is spilled on the holster, clean it with a wet towel and let it air-dry.
Two, the need to choose a special cleaning agent for cleaning, if the surface is not bright, then use detergent to remove stains soft, insoluble, need to be able to remove stains and bright.
Thrdd, it should be noted that water should not be used. If the leather is easily damaged by water, the cardboard will become soft. If it is put in an airtight place, mildew will appear.
The above is the leather box packaging maintenance method, I hope this article can give you help.

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