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Choose packaging box raw materials
Last updated:2018-12-10 15:44:30     Clicks:3380

Choose packaging box raw materials, from the following three aspects to consider

1. aesthetic: now everyone's aesthetic will only be higher and higher, the appearance of the box requirements are also improved, according to consumers' appetite to choose the right materials, understand the eyes and psychology of consumers, so as to increase sales.
2. Equality: The quality and appearance of the products should be in line with each other. Packaging materials should be classified according to the grade of the packaging items, such as high-grade, middle-grade and resistance.
3. Adaptability: It is necessary to consider the weather, the long journey and the mode of transportation, the temperature difference between different places, the climate and the environment, and the packaging of transportation by plane, train, ship and car.
Above is the packing box raw material selection needs to pay attention to matters, I hope this article can give you help.

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