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Some thoughts on tea packing box
Last updated:2018-08-29 14:44:28     Clicks:4199

The packaging upgrade under the Internet environment

Dongguan intelligence letter packaging to product packaging of the tea industry and win at the starting line ", for the new will be orange tea series provides overall product packaging solutions, also on display for the new development of humanities custom tea box, professional manufacturers, the tea and put forward a variety of Internet + combined promotion ideas of packaging and printing, caused by the exhibitors.

With the upgrade of mass consumption, people's attention on packaging has gradually shifted from simple product protection to creating value and promoting sales.The package presented in front of you will not only display product pictures and text information, but also embed the functions of member information system collection, brand image, tracing origin, anti-counterfeiting and identification, improving user experience, purchasing desire, etc., making product packaging a crucial part in brand promotion.

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