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Brand positioning:
Dongguan Zhixinpack Products co., LTD., focuses on the production of carton and leather carton boxes, with the core of providing cost-effective packaging boxes, and provides customers with packaging design, brand planning and other value-added services, providing customers with integrated industrial packaging solutions, becoming a well-known brand in the field of light luxury and environmental protection packaging in China.

Brand image:
The company LOGO represents the positioning of our company, the image of the packaging box, let customers know our advantage products at a sight, black represents mature, stable and persistence, red represents personality, passion and fashion, black and red represents our company's corporate culture, theme color.

Brand concept:
Intelligent production workshops and equipment, provide customers with efficient services, cost-effective products, feasible industry solutions and packaging ideas.
We will cherish the trust of our customers.We always provide our customers with high quality products, good service and punctual delivery.Confidence comes from professional, from profession, our company has been specialized in the box industry for the fifteenth year, customers can trust us.

Corporate vision

Relying on a group of senior talents in the industry, With advanced printing and packaging technology and integrated solution service mode, Zhixin is becoming a well-known enterprise of medium and high-end packaging and is committed to becoming a well-known enterprise of light luxury and environmental protection packaging in China. All the staff wiht the same goal and strive to build a trustworthy brand, 100 years of packaging enterprises.