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How to design a cigarette case that will be more popular?
Last updated:2018-10-13 09:26:36     Clicks:2516

How to design a cigarette case that will be more popular?Everyone likes to take pictures of beautiful things to share, and the beautiful skin is also a sales.Below dongguan packaging design xiaobian to talk about how to design for you:

1. The overall design should meet the requirements, regardless of font size, structure, presentation methods, etc.;To achieve harmony and unity, in the visual effects need to have a better effect of publicity and promotion.
2, the font on the package should not be too big, which will give a person a very confusing feeling, so consumers will only feel visual fatigue, so the font and pattern need to be a reasonable combination, to ensure that it looks good and not messy.
3, the font design needs to be modernized. The packaging design should reflect the beauty and artistic appeal of modern science and technology, mainly in order to build a good brand image.
The above is the idea when designing cigarette case, hope this article can bring you help.

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