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Jewelry design needs more innovation
Last updated:2018-10-25 15:56:42     Clicks:2158

Jewelry design needs more innovation, the following dongguan packaging design xiaobian to talk about for you;
First, it needs to choose according to the characteristics of the product. It has its own characteristics in structure, material and decoration, which needs to meet the general rules of design, and also needs to consider the special requirements of jewelry.Jewelry is easy to scratch and therefore needs to be protected.
Second, the overall image of the brand needs to be considered. Once the brand is established to give consumers a good sense of trust and popularity, it is very important for the design of words and patterns, which can be carried out by different means of display.
Third, for the design of high-end and low-end markets, it is necessary to further distinguish materials and structures.According to the shape, style, volume, connotation and other factors, the design can fully reflect its characteristics of the packaging box.
Above is the jewelry design more innovative methods, I hope this article can give you help.

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