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What makes wine expensive
Last updated:2019-01-09 15:17:03     Clicks:2716

1, the vineyard where the wine is made is more expensive than normal, and the smaller the vineyard, the less wine and the higher the cost.
2, the degree of mechanization, the need for artificial planting and picking, are relatively high in cost, and grapes are picked at night, so the cost will be higher.
The yield per ton of grapes, around 600 bottles of wine, is also an important factor in determining prices.

3, the brewing cost is also relatively high, in addition to the quality of the grape determines the quality of the wine, there is the brewing process.
4, there is the cost of packaging, wine packaging than other products to pay more attention to the need for transportation, storage and so on.A good bottle of wine needs a unique packaging box, so packaging costs are very high.

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