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What about the packaging design of the abnormal-shaped carton?
Last updated:2018-10-17 16:02:55     Clicks:2748

What about the packaging design of the abnormal-shaped carton?Below dongguan packaging design xiaobian to talk about for you;
One, shake the lid type: this kind of structure is relatively simple, and is a more common kind, is used to pack the cigarette to make the cigarette case.
Two, upper and lower cover type: this is also relatively common, unnecessary use of high-grade commodity packaging or clutch, mobile phone equipment packaging is mostly used for upper and lower cover type.
Third, open the window type: it is unnecessary to display the products, because the products are not obvious in the box, used for fragile packaging, tea set and so on.

Four, Nowadays, few matches are sold. But matchboxes are used for drawer type. For example, some cakes, food and chocolates will be used for drawer type.<br />
Five, display: mainly used for science and technology, specifically divided into cover and without cover.
Six, abnormity box: this kind is called to have the attraction, because the unique packing will give a person a kind of brand-new feeling, is has the rich artistic and practical.
The above is the type of abnormity carton packaging design, I hope this article can give you help.

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