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Different ink printing carton quality difference
Last updated:2018-11-19 15:41:24     Clicks:2967

What will be the effect of offsctdruckereien printing conditions on the ink?The following paper box factory editor to talk about for you

One, the packaging box choice of paper water content is on ink drying effect, if the paper fiber is hydrophilic, then water content is relatively high surface aid hydration layer, which is not conducive to ink and fiber combination, then the absorption of ink on paper will decline.
Two, paper acid ink drying will also bring about the impact of acid and alkaline oxidation conjunctiva drying ink is affected, because the paper's pH value is smaller then the ink absorption will be worse.
Three, embellish liquid secondary hydrogen ion concentration is high, on the drier is destructive, embellish liquid on printing dry effect is very big, need to avoid causing printing.
Four, the temperature of the environment is also affected by ink drying, the temperature of the polymer movement will be faster then dry will become faster, then the temperature is lower when the drying speed will be reduced.
Above is the printing of packaging cartons will bring ink factors, I hope this article can give you help.

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