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How to solve carton collapse
Last updated:2018-11-26 15:30:44     Clicks:3205

One, the use of the original paper needs to pay attention to, the surface of the original paper is water absorbency index efficacy, if the water absorbency is relatively high, it is easy to be affected in low temperature, humidity and other environments, then there will be moisture regain, soft phenomenon.

Two, about the cardboard water content is not too much, water so the cardboard hardness will be reduced, then it will affect the cardboard edge pressure index, if the contest is big then the cardboard will be deformed, when the edge pressure is reduced after the compressive strength will be reduced.
Three, if there is cardboard adhesion, then pressure behind the paper and paper will appear corrugated separation phenomenon.
Four, in the production environment clearance pressure needs to be controlled, the pressure is not too small, need to be controlled in the appropriate range, also need to avoid corrugated crushing, this will affect the compressive strength of the cardboard.

The above is the solution to the carton collapse, I hope this article can give you help.

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