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How to prevent moisture in wooden packing boxes?
Last updated:2018-07-19 14:43:41     Clicks:2777

What does the method that prevents high-grade wood box to be affected with damp and moldy have?Below the box small make up to talk about for you;
One, moistureproof method
Moistureproof method depends on packing, can choose appropriate moistureproof material when carrying on the packing of the product.At the same time also. Easy to absorb moisture material for moisture treatment.Add a suitable moisture-proof liner.Sealed packing with moistureproof material.Don't forget to add the desiccant.
The purpose of moisture-proof of high-grade wood boxes is to prevent moisture from entering into the package to affect the quality of the contents and take certain protective measures.The technical principle of moistureproof packing is: use low permeability or not permeable wet material the product and moist atmosphere isolation, in order to avoid the impact of moisture on the product.
Second, anti-mold skills
By placing a certain amount of desiccant in the sealed package to absorb the moisture in the package, the moisture content of the goods in the package can be reduced to less than its allowable moisture content. This technology is often used in food packaging, wine box packaging, tea packaging, etc.

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