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How to choose the materials for the wood making process?
Last updated:2018-07-19 14:38:15     Clicks:1801

How should we choose the materials when making wood?What factors should be considered when choosing materials?The following carton factory small compiled for you to talk about;
One, the function of wooden handicraft itself, namely the use value nature that wood carvings give, often decide the tree species of wood used.At the same time, the selection of tree species, and often affect the value of woodcarving products.For example, high-grade carved chair, use annatto do component commonly, adornment of carve patterns and flowers should use annatto.In the meantime, the leaning on chair that annatto makes it, compare the leaning on chair that makes it with Ash, its class is much taller.
Second, the wood carving production of wooden handicraft requirements, that is, the production process of wood carving, shallow carving and round carving, on the use of the material requirements are not the same, the processing of detailed and extensive also have different requirements on the material quality of wood.So, the wood that wooden handicraft USES, the use function that should act the role of with woodcarving is consistent, can adapt to place environment, the tree that is convenient with carve processing.Of course, the basic requirement that wood handicraft USES makings is, choose lignofiber as far as possible structure is even, qualitative color is consistent, not easy deform and craze, the dry wood that does not have blemish.
Three, the environment that wooden handicraft is in, namely what kind of environment is wood carving ornament in, should choose the tree species that ADAPTS to this kind of environment.For example, in the humid environment to choose wear-resisting and moisture resistant tree species, with cedar than with pine, there are insect pests in the environment with camphor better

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