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How to distinguish the quality of jewelry box?
Last updated:2018-07-19 14:35:44     Clicks:1802

What are the ways to tell the difference between a good and a bad jewelry box?The following color box customization xiaobian to teach you!
One, two joints viscose situation, whether there is open glue, firm is not firm;
Ii. Overall hardness. If the hardness is not good, it is easy to be deformed;
Third, the grade of the paper box core flannelette, flannelette of poor quality is obviously bad;
Four, paper, at present the box is made of domestic paper, some bottom quality paper easy to fade, viscose is not strong easy to open, the box is easy to moisture.
A fancy jewelry box is very important for girls, so if you want to give a gift to your girlfriend or wife, you might as well choose a jewelry box!That's how to tell whether a jewelry box is good or bad. I hope this article will help you.

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