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The elements needed for a well-designed jewelry box!
Last updated:2018-07-19 14:31:35     Clicks:1768

What are the elements needed to design a satisfactory jewelry box?Below color box manufacturers small make up to talk about for you;
1. Novel design of modeling and structure.Is a lot of young people see the design, the designer when designing jewelry box from modelling form for must highlight box modelling is novel, beautiful one characteristic, from the structure, some people like simple point, some people like more than a certain function, the small make up think, convenience for the consumer.
Two, the choice of colour and design should accord with consumer affection.Color design is commonly according to consumer different custom, class demand and age, gender difference emphasizes the appropriate humanity of color, age mature point person color should pursue sedate, dignified, have grade;And the product packaging of female, young people, the color should pursue romance, warmth and live.
These are the elements needed to design a satisfactory jewelry box. I hope this article can help you.

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