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Wine packaging design helps to realize personalized wine category
Last updated:2018-09-25 15:47:51     Clicks:2116

How does wine packaging design help wine category realize personalization?Wine packaging box so several, now it is difficult to have the breakthrough of box type, but in terms of technology and packaging design, there are a lot of ascension and creative imagination, manufacturers according to the wine successively, head of wine or two of wine and so on, through the packaging of differentiation, to reflect the different consumption levels and consumption object of products, high-grade packaging design, can stimulate consumer buying, brand promotion and repeat purchase.
Speaking of bespoke wines, what's your first impression?"High-end luxury, private custom", I believe many people will have such an impression of customized wine.But as people's consumption habits change and upgrade, custom wines are becoming more and more personalized.The so-called aroma is also afraid of "all the same", now the difference in the performance of customized wine is more and more obvious.
Chinese wine culture has a long history. More than three thousand years ago, during the Shang and Zhou dynasties, Chinese people began to make large quantities of yellow wine. About one thousand years ago, in the Song Dynasty, Chinese people invented distillation method.In 1997, When Hong Kong returned to China, Moutai launched a commemorative version of moutai, the earliest high-end customized liquor in China.
Customized wine, as the name suggests, refers to customized wine products with unique style from internal wine and external image according to the specific needs of customers.Compared with the general wine, customized wine is branded with the user's style, with "one to one" personality characteristics and cannot be copied, and is widely used in specific groups and occasions.
The aroma also fears that "all the same" customised wines will become a trend
In the liquor market, there is a phenomenon that "there are wines that can't be sold and wines that can't be bought."The reason is a change in consumer demand.With the diversification of the market and the improvement of social income level, consumer demand for products is increasingly personalized.In 2014, there was a craze of customized liquor in Chinese liquor industry. Moutai, Fenjiu, Xifeng, Yanghe and other companies all launched customized liquor companies or further subdivided the business of customized liquor before.
Take Moutai as an example, it has a pivotal position in the custom liquor industry and even the whole liquor industry.
Maotai for hongta group since 2003, China mobile, geely automobile, minsheng bank and the national institutions to customize the maotai, but as the policy of "three consumption" in recent years, some less expensive luxurious custom wine demand, but in other personalization wine needs increasing, such as wedding, most beautiful hometown.
Compared with Moutai's relatively high price, the low-end of Luzhou Laojiao's series pay more attention to "cost performance" and user experience.
It can be seen that personalization and user experience are the current development trend of customized wine, which is more in line with the current consumption demand of the public.
Various customized wines emerge in endlessly, customized wine packaging also plays with high technology and more and more packaging design and technology to achieve personalized, Dongguan Zhixin Packaging is a carton packaging factory focusing on high-end packaging design.
Different from popular wines, customized wines have requirements on quality and outer package, emphasizing on "internal and external repair", and outer package is an important carrier to reflect personalized customized wines.
How to express the individuation of customized wine and improve the user experience through the packaging?
"AR augmented reality", "one object, one code" and "NFC anti-counterfeiting" are three technologies to realize the personalization of customized wine packaging, enhance user experience and solve the anti-counterfeiting problem of traceability.
"AR augmented Reality" : High tech on the LOGO
On a simple packaging box, in addition to the design of the pattern and the necessary information display, you can also use the phone to scan the box to increase the user's three-dimensional experience.The product display, dynamic LOGO and game interaction are attached to the LOGO, and the user's real scene experience is enhanced by ALIPAY AR scanning.
"One thing, one Yard" : Each package has a unique QR code
As one of the most common signs in daily life, TWO-DIMENSIONAL code is not uncommon to be used in packaging. However, the general use of two-dimensional code cannot achieve the purpose of brand marketing.To launch the concept of "one thing, one code", which is convenient for consumers to obtain product and enterprise information;For enterprises, it can obtain user information in the background and launch precision marketing, and provide effective follow-up service solutions.
"NFC anti-counterfeiting" : chip + packaging combination
NFC contact identification technology has anti-counterfeiting traceability function, complete data traceability and timestamp function, which can effectively solve the anti-counterfeiting problem of item traceability, and create a new intelligent anti-counterfeiting marketing platform for enterprises.

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