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Min's tea box solution
Last updated:2018-07-06 16:49:28     Clicks:1441

Client Background

Hangzhou Minshi tea tobacco technology Co., Ltd. has patented tea smoking cessation products, advanced modern production lines, strict production technology, is the local government's key support enterprises

Problem description

The new tea smoking cessation products are in the emerging stage of development in the market, and it takes time and process for the promotion and consumer awareness

Total solution
Products add tea elements, in the visual design to natural tea fields as the main elements, convey the concept of green ecology, packaging form USES cigarette packets sideslike box, in the tobacco category to open up a list of emerging markets, tea therapy smoking - effectively reduce the harm of traditional cigarettes to the body, tea packaging box customization.

Effect appraisal
This product, which can be smoked or drunk, has quickly attracted the attention of middle and high-end cigarette consumers and sold well through novel cross-industry packaging.

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